Accelerate your 3D Manufacturing process with our robust and powerful file processing engine. Our team of experienced engineers are working towards making 3D printing as simple as Printing a Document!

Distinguishing Features

MIRA3D can perform Mesh Editing, Mesh Repair, Supports Addition, Nesting and Slicing operations.

Why Choose Us?

MIRA3D is a powerful but affordable Build Processing Software with the following capabilities:

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Fast and Definitive Repair

We can auto fix multiple STL files simultaneously with >98% success rate and rapid repair speeds.

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Unbreakable slicer

Our state-of-the-art slicer has been tested upto 32K resolution, that is 30720x17280 pixels.

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Efficient file handling

MIRA3D can handle STL data upto 3GB, tested with 16GB RAM, heavier files need higher RAM.

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File compression feature

Reduction of mesh file size upto a factor of 15x without any triangle reduction/ visible loss in detail.

Feature Overview Videos

Gain insight into our software's features with these informative and visually engaging videos

About Us

Headquartered in Mumbai, Samisan Tech Private Limited is a software development company specialised in Digital Manufacturing applications. Our core product is the MIRA3D Build Processing Software for 3D Printing. We are a team of mathematicians and software developers who can also build custom software for your use case.

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